The Carry On Cocktail Kit
The Old Fashioned – W&P Design

On a transcontinental flight in the much maligned (wrongly so, in my opinion) second installment of Daniel Craig’s run as 007, James Bond foregoes a rest in his lie-flat seat to sit impeccably dressed but alone at the aircraft bar. Pensive, brooding, unable to sleep, he nevertheless maintains his constant air of suave by drinking a perfectly crafted, perfectly clear, perfectly backlit Vesper martini. Despite the fact that he has lost the woman he loves, is constantly taking beatings that would knock out an elephant, and must focus on a homicidal mission of revenge to stave off depression, in this scene, as in so many others in the famous franchise, viewers everywhere thought, He’s got it good.

That’s because, for most of us, flying isn’t usually a respite but an obstacle in the way of respite. We all have horror stories: the middle seat between two people who’ve forgotten how to use soap; delayed on the tarmac while lightning strikes impossibly close to what you can only guess are very important parts of an airplane; the neighbor who breaks out the photo reel after mistaking your “reading” for an intense interest in their rock collection.

This well curated kit includes sugar, bitters, muddler/spoon, and cocktail napkin – everything but the booze.

W&P Designs has a cure for that. Known for their bar accessories and the immensely popular Mason Shaker, the Brooklyn-based group of designers is dedicated to increasing your enjoyment of food and drink—even when you’re on the road. To that end, they’ve curated several Carry On Cocktail Kits: delightfully packaged, drink specific tins that include everything (but the booze) to craft a delicious libation at 30,000 feet. Available for such classic drinks as the Gin and Tonic, Moscow Mule, and Champaign Cocktail, bourbon drinkers will no doubt opt for the classic Old Fashioned. Included in the kit are an ingenious spoon/muddler tool, a classy linen cocktail napkin, instructions, and enough cane sugar and aromatic bitters for two cocktails. They’re conveniently portioned to mix with the standard 50ml mini-bottles, which your friendly flight staff will be happy to sell you.

The Carry On Cocktail Old Fashioned.

The kit makes a smooth Old Fashioned, thanks in no small part to the craft bitters that W&P developed with the good folks at PUNCH. The muddler tool works well—you’ll no doubt find a use for it in your home bar—and the napkin adds a touch of class. But the folks at W&P are selling more than just a cocktail—they’re selling a feeling. Crafting a cocktail on a plane conveys that same peace, that treat-yourself something-special, as leaving the office for a 2pm espresso or ordering room service. It’s an indulgence in quality. You’ll feel like you’re in first class even if you’re in coach. And if you’re in first class, you’ll be there with an Old Fashioned in each hand.

I can’t think of a better stocking-stuffer for the road-warrior in your life; better yet, give that special someone a surprise vacation and toss a few kits in your carry-on. As the people at W&P say, prepare to put that seat in the laid back position.

The Carry On Cocktail Kit.

The Carry on Cocktail Kit retails for around $24 and is available online from W&P Design.


With special thanks to Elizabeth Tilton and the Folks at W&P Design for graciously supplying a sample kit for review.

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